Friday, November 14, 2008

Our New Blog!

Ok our blog is officially up and running! Come check it out at: Candy-Glass! Don't worry, I won't stop posting on this blog, either! Thanx for reading!

Hello Again, Friends!

Ok, I know i haven't been updating my blog too much. Don't worry, I'm going to it's just I've been very busy lately. I've been working on History Fair, doing homework, and fumbling to squeeze Girl Scouts and Piano practice into my schedule. Anyway, now that I've been telling you about all the stuff that I've been busy with, you will think it's crazy that I want to start a new project! Well, I am.

My friend ruth and I (see Ruth's blog) want to make a new blog that we can both access. We will each take one picture every day. After uploading it onto the computer we will add it to the blog. Then we can compare the pictures to see if our lives are really all that different.

To tell you the truth, I'm accually "copying" off of another website.Two women, living on opposite sides of the country, decided to take a picture every morning of anything that interested them or showed what they had been doing. Here is the link to their new site, A year of evenings!

Now, I'm not sure how soon we will be able to get this going. After all I did tell you about all the stuff I have to do...But I will post an update when I can.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

After the Hurricane...

This is just an update to everyone that has power and can read this:Hurricane Ike didn't do major damage. A tree in our back yard is leaning badly, but hopefully it will live. Our house doesn't have power but our office does. I am ok and I hope to be hearing comments from all of you!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike is Coming!

We have all been watching the news about hurricane Ike, wondering what ois going to happen. To help more people find out about this hurricane, here are some helpful links: 


Saturday, September 6, 2008

OMG!!!! My Poor Neglected Blog!!!!

I can't believe I have not written on my blog for three whole weeks! I guess with the start of school, it got left behind! Now, to all the readers who have shook their heads waiting for my next post, I apologize. If you will forgive me, I will write posts more often. Thank you, and goodnight.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Not too long ago my friend introduced me to a game site called Nitrome. I have never been extremely interested in computer games, but these are some of my favorites. Among them are Jack Frost (I'm on level 14) and Cheese Dreams (level 4). There's also favorites like Final Ninja and Skywire. But I'll let you find out the joy of Nitrome's cute pixelated games for yourself! (Also check out their blog for updates, and fan mail!)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Shopping Spree!

This afternoon we did some back to school shopping.I got some awesome shoes (hopefully they will add color to my uniform), a new watch (that i absolutely love), and some kakis. I'm still not looking forward to the summer's end, but at least I'll be able to start school prepared.  

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Sailor's Sister

You are probably wondering about the title of this post. Well, I'll tell you this. I'm not a sailor and i don't have a sister. It's accually the title of a short story that I'm working on. I've already written three pages, so here's some of the first one, just to give you a taste.

[And old man lay in a hammock, listening to the sound of the surf crashing against the jagged black rocks below the cliff on which he lived. This man's name was Gregory Bayliff, an old sailor who now ran the light house on Buff Point. His skin stretched tightly across his high, pointy cheekbones and his scraggly beard was filled with salt. On that bright, sunny afternoon he was feeling particularly irritable and in moods like that he always retired to the hammock behind his house.
"I am not old.! he said to himself.
"Yes you are." he heard his mind reply, "You have been old for a very long time, and there is no doubt that you will get older."
"Age has nothing to do with it. I am as fit as I ever was."
"If that;s true then you're own sister would know it, right?"
"Then why did she beg you to go to Palm Creek?"
"Don't mention the name of that silly retirement home." he growled, still fighting with himself.
"Whatever you say. But answer me this. If you're as 'fit as you ever were',  why is Charlotte coming up here for a week to look after you?"
"I must stop talking to myself!" Exasperated, the sailor pulled himself out of the hammock and walked to the edge of the cliff where he could look out over the bay.]

That's all I'm giving you for now, sorry!I hope you like it, tell me what you think!

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Here they are folks! Pictures of my new and improved room!!!I hope you like em'.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

News Flash!

One thing I didn't mention in my first entry are news flashes. This new kind of entry will be short, but fun, and will give you a snippet of the things that go on in my life.

NEWS FLASH #1: Last night we bought the paint for my room!Thank you to all who voted, the color was Lemon Mint. For those of you who haven't voted, feel free to do so now. (Btw, that paint can was hard to hold up. The reason the words are backwards in the picture is that the camera on my computer acts like a mirror)

NEWS FLASH #2: Yesterday my friend and I made these cool handkerchiefs. I finished mine this morning and this is how it turned out. Pretty cool, huh?!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Goodbye old, Hello NEW!

Well, I'm finally doing it. I am changing my pink, flowery room into my own "teen" space. Though I'm not going to reveal too much about my plan, I will need your help on some very important decisions.I will put up several polls over the next few days, as well as add pictures to the entry that will give you the details. Here we go!

1st pic: This is my room right now.
2nd pic: These are the paint     choices i am looking at.                                          3rd pic:my two top choices, Soothing Aloe (the middle lighter one) and Lemon Mint (The bottom darker one)                                  At he side of this page is a poll where you can vote for the color you think is best!I may not use the winning choice, but I will be glad to hear your opinion. (For those of you who didn't already know, it's better to pick a light color when painting an entire room. You don't want to be totally overwhelmed by color for the rest of your life!) Thank you everyone, and I will keep you posted. We're painting this weekend!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

BOREDOM: How to over come it.

Most of you have experienced boredom. Whenever my friends get bored they call me up asking for ideas on what they should do. I have never understood the logic in this. Whatever I suggest is always turned down, and soon all there is is silence on both ends. When asking for an opinion we rarely take the other person's advice. Furthermore, when we are bored we almost incapable of thinking for ourselves.

 Even so, I try to be as creative as possible while I'm the wraps of boredom. I try doing something peaceful like swinging on my swing while thinking about what I want to do. I also like the idea of doing completely random things. Today my friend and I watched "The Little Mermaid" and sung along to all the songs.If you're alone you should try making something out of pistachio shells or tin foil. Here's a whole list of things you can do while you're bored.

  1. Make interesting things out of random objects
  2. Plan a party 
  3. If you love working in the kitchen, cook everything you can with the ingredients you have at home
  4. Invent something
  5. Watch movies that you haven't seen in decades: take notes, try to find objects that you never noticed before
  6. Walk to the park or another interesting place
  7. Plant flowers
  8. Try your hand at painting, writing, or singing
  9. learn to play chess (read a book or practice online)
  10. re-organize your kitchen shelves or your desk drawers
  11. make a list of things you want to do before you die-it's time to start following your dreams!
Remember, boredom eats up time. Fun stuff eats up time. The difference is how you use that time. Use it well, and who knows? You could become the next National Chess Champion!

Friday, July 18, 2008


Have you ever gotten that feeling where you start something and you just have to finish it? And then, maybe you JUST HAVE to go on and find MORE of it to do? Well, that's what happened to me this afternoon. 

My neighbor hired me to water her garden every day while she was gone. This afternoon I went over and watered all of her beautiful plants. It was hard work, especially because I was tired from helping out at a nature center. When I got home I noticed how sickly our own plants were doing. "Hmmm..." I thought, and the next minute I was dragging the hose around my yard, soaking everything. I finished the front yard and moved to the back. I don't know what pulled me along, but I was on a roll. Finally I came inside. My thumb was sore from making the water come out stronger, and my feet were dirty. I wonder how I even have the energy to write this post.

Call me a maniac? Some crazy "hose lady?" I'm not. I'm just a kid who wanted to water her plants.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Power of the Notebook

Being a writer, I LOVE notebooks. I have at least twenty of them all piled up in the top drawer of a file cabinet. The one I'm holding in the picture is a small METRO notebook that my friend and I got at Texas Art. I use it to draw and write in and I'm trying to get in the habit of carrying it around in my purse. 

In using it, I have discovered that notebooks give us power. They give us power, and freedom, and love, really.To me, the blank page does not intimidate. Rather, it invites me to swim through my own thoughts. Even if nothing good comes out on the page, I have that moment of my life recorded, forever there for me to go back to. 

I love writing in notebooks and I encourage you to write in one,too. It doesn't have to be every day, just once in a while when you feel energized, happy, or even irritated. Writing relieves stress and allows you to express yourself through words. If you write in a notebook,it will become a keepsake forever. :) 

A Tribute to Nilla Wafers

This morning I was eating a Nilla wafer and I was thinking, "wow, these are really good, but nobody pays them any attention." And again, I thought to myself "Why, these cookies deserve a tribute!" And it's true. They do! 

Cookies in general have never gotten very much praise in all the time that they've been around.I mean we just scarf them down without thinking of the person that made that cookie. That person was responsible for creating an easy, small dessert that you can have as an after dinner snack. Think about the creators of Oreos and Chips Ahoy! So, that being said, I come back to the plain and simple goodness of Nilla Wafers.

Nillas (as I will now begin to call them) are a combination of sweetness and crunch. Their texture is that of a cake and a cracker mixed together! Their shape is perfectly formed to fit in your fingers! I LOVE Nilla Wafers!!!!

After reading this, I hope all of you will remember to respect cookies and their creators, and to give them the tribute they deserve.  

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My first Post!!!

Hi everyone! Here is a preview of some of the things I will post in my new blog.
  • News- In the near future I will be telling you about my life; happenings, interesting conversations, and funny sayings that I hear along the way
  • Writings- poems and stories that I have written
  • Photos- Pics are a big part of my life, so my blog readers should get to see all my favs!
  • Links- My favorite websites, along with videos and articles that I find interesting
  • "Guest Authors"- I may ask some of my friends to write posts for my blog 
  • Reviews- Read as I review my favorite books and movies
Well, that's all for now, but come back for more interesting posts! Also, check out the sidebar for lists and polls. I'll add more soon!