Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Goodbye old, Hello NEW!

Well, I'm finally doing it. I am changing my pink, flowery room into my own "teen" space. Though I'm not going to reveal too much about my plan, I will need your help on some very important decisions.I will put up several polls over the next few days, as well as add pictures to the entry that will give you the details. Here we go!

1st pic: This is my room right now.
2nd pic: These are the paint     choices i am looking at.                                          3rd pic:my two top choices, Soothing Aloe (the middle lighter one) and Lemon Mint (The bottom darker one)                                  At he side of this page is a poll where you can vote for the color you think is best!I may not use the winning choice, but I will be glad to hear your opinion. (For those of you who didn't already know, it's better to pick a light color when painting an entire room. You don't want to be totally overwhelmed by color for the rest of your life!) Thank you everyone, and I will keep you posted. We're painting this weekend!!!!!!

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