Wednesday, July 23, 2008

BOREDOM: How to over come it.

Most of you have experienced boredom. Whenever my friends get bored they call me up asking for ideas on what they should do. I have never understood the logic in this. Whatever I suggest is always turned down, and soon all there is is silence on both ends. When asking for an opinion we rarely take the other person's advice. Furthermore, when we are bored we almost incapable of thinking for ourselves.

 Even so, I try to be as creative as possible while I'm the wraps of boredom. I try doing something peaceful like swinging on my swing while thinking about what I want to do. I also like the idea of doing completely random things. Today my friend and I watched "The Little Mermaid" and sung along to all the songs.If you're alone you should try making something out of pistachio shells or tin foil. Here's a whole list of things you can do while you're bored.

  1. Make interesting things out of random objects
  2. Plan a party 
  3. If you love working in the kitchen, cook everything you can with the ingredients you have at home
  4. Invent something
  5. Watch movies that you haven't seen in decades: take notes, try to find objects that you never noticed before
  6. Walk to the park or another interesting place
  7. Plant flowers
  8. Try your hand at painting, writing, or singing
  9. learn to play chess (read a book or practice online)
  10. re-organize your kitchen shelves or your desk drawers
  11. make a list of things you want to do before you die-it's time to start following your dreams!
Remember, boredom eats up time. Fun stuff eats up time. The difference is how you use that time. Use it well, and who knows? You could become the next National Chess Champion!

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Sunspot said...

WARNING - Mommy lecture #321 ahead. (also known as a rant :)
Stop reading now if you are sensitive to such things!

Good grief! how come people are ever bored?
There are at least 300 things I would like to do that I will never have time to do.

GRIDLOCK=wanting to do so many things that you are frozen trying to decide - which i suspect is the real cause of the 'boredom' of you and all of your bright and delightful friends

I am reading a book that says that to avoid gridlock divide your time into *DECIDING time* where you investigate possibiities and *DOING time* where you just 'do' and don't think about whether it was the perfect thing to do or not. Deciding time should be much shorter than doing time. Think how good you'll feel after you actually accomplish something instead of sitting around asking each other what to do!

Thanks for blogging,