Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Chronicle of Ordinary Things Continued...

Here are some more pictures. Scroll down for the original post...

Veggie Bowl
Shelf Life

A Chronicle of Ordinary Things

This is a group of photos that I took this afternoon. Welcome to my chronicle of ordinary things...

A Dog's Point of View
A Bracelet
A Winged Heart
Day of the Dead Shrine

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Magic of Sleep-Overs!

Didn't you love when your parent's went out of town and you got spend two or three days at a friend's house? Wasn't it great having fun with your friend and getting to see a little slice of what their life was like? Well that's what I got to do this weekend! My parents went out of town on Thursday so I went of to my friend's house. We danced, played video games, and of course, did homework. Today we got to go to the park and enjoy the nice cool weather(even if it was a little cloudy) This is a picture of me,my friend, and her little sister, (left to right.) It was taken with a phone so it doesn't have the best resolution. Don't worry though, better pictures for my blog are on the way. We get our new camera sometime next week!! Anyway, thanks for reading!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall Picnic

Sometimes life rushes at us so fast that we just have to be swept up in it all and don't have time to get off the highway and slow down a little bit. To me seasons are symbolic of slowing down because their change is so gradual and constant. Nature changes every day, but it's life is not like ours. Ours is constantly filled with rushing here and there, working late and getting things done as quickly as possible. Nature is a rhythm, a constant background to everything we do. It grounds us. It keeps us from floating away. We feel comfort to know that the sun will rise tomorrow morning and will set in the evening. The wind pulls at our clothes, whispering songs that fill us with emotion, but never quite speak loud enough for us to understand.
Out of all of the seasons the two that mean the most to me are summer and fall. Summer tells of freedom. It means long, blistering days of tranquility and sleepy happiness. Fall, however, is a different thing entirely. Fall is cool and soft. It's change and clear skies and bright colors. It's that feeling of coming home and taking wing all rolled into one. It's twilight and magic. Fall is belonging. And this is why I try to take time out of my busy schedule to go outside and enjoy the nice cool breeze and the pretty golden tint that seems to light up the earth during the autumn months. Believe me, it's worth it just to relax.