Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Magic of Sleep-Overs!

Didn't you love when your parent's went out of town and you got spend two or three days at a friend's house? Wasn't it great having fun with your friend and getting to see a little slice of what their life was like? Well that's what I got to do this weekend! My parents went out of town on Thursday so I went of to my friend's house. We danced, played video games, and of course, did homework. Today we got to go to the park and enjoy the nice cool weather(even if it was a little cloudy) This is a picture of me,my friend, and her little sister, (left to right.) It was taken with a phone so it doesn't have the best resolution. Don't worry though, better pictures for my blog are on the way. We get our new camera sometime next week!! Anyway, thanks for reading!

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