Friday, May 8, 2009


Here's a couple poems that I wrote at the spur of the moment not too long ago. Tell me what you think!


Black and white
leading nowhere
we stand tall
stiff and erect
like statues

Shadow and light
moving in boxy patterns
chasing each other
but taking careful steps

like the letters on a page
words almost unknown to us
and yet we follow blindly

A pool of Water

A pool of water
awakened by silence
Only to find a simple
bird flitting around its banks
and seeing a deer
goes back to sleep
to await spring


Indigo1928 said...

Oh, awesome.

"awakened by silence"
"and yet we follow blindly"
"to await spring"

I love those lines.

I can totally picture the pool of water poem. It's a cute bird, :)
Have you found a title for the first one yet? Or is Untitled the title? Because Untitled fits it well...

Lily said...

they are awesome!! :P totally you