Monday, May 4, 2009

In The Tank: Fish Names

Well I decided to name my fish after characters from my favorite book of all time, "The Goose Girl." Here's a list of the names as well as descriptions:

Isi or Ani: Orange and White, slightly smaller than the others
Enna: Orange and black, biggest of the four
Razo: All White,same size as Isi, kinda hyper at times
Gerick: All orange, between Enna and Razo in size 

Over the next few weeks if any new changes arise "in the tank" I will be updating and adding more pictures. Well, that's all for now!


Indigo1928 said...

I love your fish! They look so cute! I especially like Razo, although it might be because its easier to tell him apart from Isi/Ana, Geric, and Enna.

<.=>< - fish

laurapoet said...

Thanks so much for commenting! You are such a loyal fan...

Lily said...

lol, I love the names from the goose girl series...