Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In the Fish Tank: A Death in the Family :(

Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: May 5, 2009
Family and Friends: Gerick, Enna, Razo, and the Mills family

You know, I've had many gold fish over the years. Many say fish are surprisingly easy to keep, but experienced fish owners know this isn't true. Looking after an aquarium is a big job. You have to change the water numerous times, check the ph level, keep track of nitrates and nitrites (which are in fact two different things. Look up the nitrogen cycle if you must...) and watch out for over feeding. During this time you get very attached to your fish, and it is always painful when losing one of the pack.

Isi/Ani was only in my tank for a short time. She was short and always a little smaller and chubbier than the others. I loved her orange and white splotches and I had been partial to her in the beginning.It is sad that she had to leave us so soon. I had hoped to be able to give her a better life. One that had not been in an over crowded tank at the pet store or the bazaar where I got her. She only got a glimpse of that better life, but I think she enjoyed it. She was a strong little fish that kept fighting till the end and though she will be sorely missed, she will also be long remembered.

*raises imaginary glass* To Isi! (or Ani) 


Indigo1928 said...

*raises glass* To Isi/Ana!
:( That's sad news. But at least now she's gotten to know how life as a normal pet goldfish is like. And had 10 gallons of water to roam in. :)

Sunspot said...

I love watching your beautiful fish and I'm sorry Isi is not among them. I will do my bst to help you with your aquarium -

Lily said...

aw...:( *raises glass too*