Tuesday, September 1, 2009

High School Schedule

I have been inspired by friend's blog to write this post. In the post before this I talked about how I loved sameness when I was little. Well, I still do. Here's my daily schedule:

6:30 AM: Wake up, usually I'm out of bed by 6:45
7:00 AM: Shower, eat, get ready to go
8:00 AM: Drive to school with my mom and my dog Scout riding in the front seat.
8:30 AM: School starts
8:35 AM: PE
9:38 AM: Geometry
10:31 AM: Spanish
11:24 AM: Art
12:12 PM: Lunch
1:06 PM: English
1:59 PM: Biology
2:52 PM: Geography
3:40 PM: School Ends!
4:30 PM: Arrive Home
5:00 PM: Do HW
6:00 PM: Do HW
7:00 PM: Eat Dinner
8:00 PM: Finish HW
9:00 PM: Free Time (?)
10:00 PM: Get ready for bed
10:30 PM: Sleep

As you can see I have a busy schedule. Of course, it fluctuates depending on how much homework I have. Anyway, that's all for now!

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