Friday, January 1, 2010

The New Year

So much can happen in a year. After a while I think it all blurs together, and even longer after that it doesn't really matter what year something happened. It's always strange to say to yourself, "Hey, today's the last day of 2009." As I think back on this past year I can't really remember specifics. Sure, recent things stick out, memories that have made fresh impressions on my open heart, even though after a while I will only be able to conjure up bits ad pieces. Emotions,and maybe the occasional smell of something familiar will make me remember. It's funny how memory works.
And then there's the new year. 2010 is full of opportunity. Full of shiny possibility, a chance to do something different. Maybe this is why we make resolutions. Change is something we hunger for, as well as second chances. The new year gives us that second chance. On the first day of this brand new year people are looking forward. The world opens up to us once again ad we welcome it. This year will be better, we say. And it will be, because we are diving in head first. Opportunity awaits. Go find it!


jude said...

and a promise for better is always an opportunity....

laurapoet said...

so true. We just have to learn how to recognize them and then comes the decision of wether or not to let them pass by. Many people pass up valuable opportunities because they are afraid to say YES.

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