Friday, January 29, 2010

The Midnight Museum

Light Tunnel, Houston Museum of Fine Art

This is a rather random post, but I wanted to write something. Today my mom and I spent the afternoon at the Houston Museum of Fine Art (HMFA). It was really nice. There is something about museums that makes me feel at peace. Maybe its the high ceilings, and the large echoing halls. Maybe it's the light. The light in museums is beautiful because not only do you have the natural light from outside (except it was cloudy today), but there's also all the little beams that shine on interesting pieces of gold jewelry or large colorful paintings. There weren't a lot of people there today, which is odd because it's Friday. We ate dinner in the cafe and watched the people walk by.
And then, on the way home an idea struck me. What if museums were open 24 hours. People who couldn't sleep or who were working late and needed some time to relax could get in their cars and go to the museum. They could walk the halls and look at all the artwork in the middle of the night, knowing that the wouldn't have time for it during the daytime. Being in such a large place full of beautiful things is a kind of therapy. And wouldn't it be nice for all the people that inhabit the night.

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