Saturday, December 26, 2009

Share the Joy!

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. Things just got way too busy, with school and Christmas approaching fast. Anyway here are a couple photos of the things I made for my family. Unfortunately I did not take pictures of them before I gave them away, so there are only two that I can show you.

This is a shadow box that I made from scratch for my mom. I painted a cardboard tray black,and put in rolling green hills. Then I cut out a tree, painted it gold and glued it into the box. Finally, I cut out pictures of the whole family and decorated the tree with stars and presents underneath.

This picture is the inside of a box filled with office supplies for my Dad and "A book of Office Encouragement" (below), with quotes about the office and work. (The camera on my computer makes writing look backwards, so its kind of confusing.)
Hope you enjoyed!


Deb G said...

Your shadow box is great! I bet both of your parents loved your gifts.

laurapoet said...


Sunspot said...

I loved my shadow box! I will hang it a place of honor. I like how the tree is a Christmas tree, but not an evergreen. Trees are amazing joyful things.
Love, Mom