Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Message from Ohio

Hello everyone! I'm at the library in Minerva, Ohio. I can't make this too long since we're only allowed 30 minutes. Chritine and I have been having tons of fun. We finished a totally awesome fort made out of big sticks and hay. We got to visit her grandparents and we saw Harry Potter 6. I was majorly impressed! It was awesometastic! Tonight we're going to the Carol County fair for rides and greasy food! Anyway, best wishes to everyone! oh, and comment! I want to know whats going on in yalls life...


Ruth said...

The only thing that really amazed me was that you got to see Harry Potter 6. I WANT TO SEE HARRY POTTER! Was it as good as it looked on the trailer?
Hope you're having tons of fun! Hi Christine!
Have you ever blogged froma library before? The only thing I've ever gone to the library for is for books and research.
Well, I went to Lisa's B-day party today. The rest of the week has been mostly boring stuff.

Jeffrey said...

Glad Ohio is fun.

We went early last week to a independent film screening at the Movie Studio Grill and got to meet the star and the director.

Saturday night we went to dinner with Nathalie to celebrate her move to Austn to go back to school..

Tonight (Sunday) we will try to see the International Space station that is supposed to pass overhead at 10:00 pm.

Then later in the week, another screening of a documentary at Angelika.

Miss you!


Sunspot said...

Laura - keep taking pictures! I want to see the fort.
I will look up the library on Google Maps.

Ruth - I want to see Harry Potter, too! Maybe when Laura gets back she would like to see it again!


Lily said...

Laura: Sounds like you are having lots of fun! :D Take many pictures! Tell Christine hi for me!
Last week I helped an actual artist to finish painting her sculptures for a show in Colorado this weekend. It was really fun. Her studio is awesome too. :)
I also went to see American Idol yesterday. My ears are still ringing a bit. But other than that, it was really exciting! Lots of people were there.
And I am going to the zoo tomorrow to see the pandas. :D
Ruth: I'll go see it again with you too! We would all need to get together asap.

laurapoet said...

Thanks for commenting everyone!

To Ruth: YES Harry Potter 6 was as good as I thought it was gonna be!

To Mom and Dad: Sounds like you have been having fun. Wish i could have gone to dinner w/ Nathalie! Luv u!

To Alice: That artist thing sounds AWESOME! So does American Idol. We can get together any time after sunday (thats when I'm comming back!

To Everyone:thanks for commenting!