Sunday, June 7, 2009

In the Fish Tank: New Residents!

(left to right)Jenna,Toni,Alexander,Eve

After the unfortunate death of my carnival gold fish my tank sat vacant. The friendly humming of the filter was gone, and no light fell through its glass walls. Until, that is, today. My neighbor generously offered to give me some of her guppies and now my tank has four beautiful residents. See picture above. I found a website with the most popular fish names on it, along with their meanings. Here is what i've decided to name them:

Alexander: meaning "defender of mankind," dark grey and white with bright orange fins and tail
Eve: meaning "life," dark grey and white with an orange tail that has dark specks on it
Toni:meaning "priceless," mostly white with iridescent specks and a double tail
Jenna:meaning "smooth and white,"all white

Even though I'm being very optimistic in this post, I know that fish keeping is hard. In the professional fish care world deaths are common place. Hopefully I will have better luck and these fish will live long and happy lives.  



Indigo1928 said...

Oh, yay! I love their names. Aren't guppies the carnivorous fish? Or do they eat each other? Anyway, I'm sure they'll be good friends and learn to share the food sprinkles.

Jeffrey said...

I know with your care they will have a good life no matter how long.

Lily said...

Ooh! i love the names!

laurapoet said...
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