Friday, January 23, 2009

I rejoice because it is Friday, and because Stanford testing is officially OVER!

Happy Friday Everyone! Being the most special day that it is, I couldn't help but make a new post. Here are some of the interesting things that are going on in my life:
  • Stanford testing is over!
  • I'm accually updating my blog
  • Tonight at 7:00 I'm going to my first group piano "lesson", where someone comes and gives feedback on our pieces.
  • It's Friday!
  • Tomorrow is RealFilms (A documentary screening my parent's non-profit organization does every other month at the Aurora Picture Show. I'm in charge of serving popcorn!)
  • Oh. Also for dinner we're having sausage, green beans, and salad w/ homemade dressing. Yum!
  • And thats about it...
There. You finally got a little peek into my every day life.

Above is a nice picture to look at, and below are some interesting links:

UPDATE: Before I could finish my post, I had to go to the piano event that I was talking about. Everything went well, and there was a nice woman to give out tips after everyone's piece. It was a lot of fun, and the even had chocolate covered pretzels!

Thanx and Goodnight again


Lily said...

I am glad you are posting again! Your post are always fun to read. :D Have fun!

Indigo said...

:D No more testing!